about gilson daub

Gilson Daub was designed from the beginning to be fast, responsive and cost effective. Our offices service the entire state of California, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas and Missouri. Proactive insurers and employers can count on responsive attorneys and staff, by the latest in innovations and technology and by transparent accountability. This insures clients that cases will move quickly toward closure. Individual results may vary, but we find that the Gilson Daub method often results in cases-in-chief closing significantly faster and with better results.

Our Process:

  1. We cut costs by rewarding the Gilson Daub attorneys and staff with cases closed and not hours billed.

  2. We save time with transparent online communication and proactive case handling.

  3. We get results by providing attorneys lighter case loads and rewarding them for cases closed and excellent trial results.

Gilson Daub enjoys working with foward-thinking insurers, TPAs and employers who recognize the value of rapid case handling and a faster approach to litigation.

Discover how Gilson Daub uses CaseFriendTM technology to save time, cut costs and get superior results.

We look forward to being your first choice in attorneys for a long, long time.


Cut Costs

Are you facing rising litigation costs with your current law firm? Reducing your litigation costs will improve your bottom line. At Gilson Daub, we offer our clients several innovative options to cut costs.


Save Time

It is a good idea to look at what your law firm is encouraging their attorneys to do. Time is money. The longer a case stays open, the more money it costs you. Medical treatment costs, administrative costs, and litigation costs rise with every month a file stays open.


Get Results

Gilson Daub makes it easy. With nine offices statewide, we cover every venue in California with experienced local attorneys who know the judges, doctors, and opposing counsel so you can rest assured that your cases are being handled properly.