Gilson Daub 2017 Salsa Competition

Congratulations 2017 Gilson Daub Salsa Competition Winners!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Dana Point, Cal.

As the clock neared noon, stomachs were empty, expectations mounted, and the stakes were high. The time for the 2017 Gilson Daub salsa competition had come. An event that had been talked about for weeks, was finally upon us and it did not disappoint.

As support staff, attorneys, and partners alike descended upon the parking garage, the alluring, if not mouthwatering smell of carne asada, chicken, and al pastor tacos expertly prepared by Omar of Las Mojica’s filled our nostrils, and our eyes were met with the blissful sight of tables prepared with bowls of chips, and a number of homemade salsas prepared by members of the Gilson Daub team.

Whilst the family that is Gilson Daub ate, laughed, conversed, and yes, even danced (there was a Macarena dance, we have proof) the salsa offerings were sampled and votes were cast.


As the lunch hour came to a close, the moment of truth had finally arrived and the winners of the 2017 Gilson Daub Salsa Competition were announced.  

Winners of the people’s choice award:

Dan Gilson and Alberto Flores.

Overall Competition Winner:
Ignacio Peralta.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all those who prepared salsa for the competition, and a special thank you to the wonderful company that we all get to call home for giving us the opportunity to have fun, THE GILSON DAUB WAY.

                                        -Joshua McKendrick