Gilson Daub Celebrates Culture

January 31, 2017

Gilson Daub, Inc. is emerging as a leader in California Workers’ Compensation defense.  The company’s focus on open lines of communication and quality work have set them apart, but there’s something else that makes Gilson Daub different: the company has always made positive office culture a top priority.

This week, to celebrate that culture, a team of Gilson Daub’s own talented support staff members designed and painted a mural in the entrance of the corporate office.  The mural includes two elements: the State of California listing all of Gilson Daub’s locations, and the Gilson Daub company logo with a compass pointing the way.


The group’s spokesperson says; “We wanted to create a space that would remind us that we’re an important part of something bigger.  We are proud to work for a company that puts its people first.  This is our family room; it’s designed to bring us together.”

The support staff who work in the corporate “brain center” are a busy group who love spending time together. Often, after 40 hours a week in close quarters, they plan other activities outside the office. They are the cultural hub of Gilson Daub, and the work environment that they cultivate brightens every office in California.