Announcing Diana Tsudik As Gilson Daub Partner


Diana Tsudik, Partner

Gilson Daub is proud to announce the promotion of Diana Tsudik to Partner for her work in growing our firm, leading our team, and serving our clients.

Diana has faithfully served as the Managing Attorney of Gilson Daub’s West Los Angeles office for the past several years and her work has contributed to Gilson Daub’s ongoing growth and success throughout California. 

“Our partnership is made significantly stronger by Diana’s addition,” said Senior Partner, Brent Daub. “And most importantly, our employees and clients will be better served by her addition to the partnership team.” "Diana has worked for years at becoming a first-class professional, and paid her dues by developing incredible competence, skill, and dedication. As an experienced attorney in the California workers’ compensation community, and as a diligent leader, and practitioner, she will bring our firm to yet another level. We could not be more excited for her!”

“Diana Tsudik is one of the best attorneys I have ever met,” stated Senior Partner, Daniel Gilson. “She is smart, proactive, tough in court and responds immediately. Diana’s leadership and dedication to her clients will continue to inspire the best qualities in all of us here at Gilson Daub. We are honored that Diana Tsudik has become a partner”, said Gilson.

The partners at Gilson Daub provide a shining example of the model standard of professionalism and client-centric devotion to excellence. Diana's addition to the team will help Gilson Daub continue to become the firm that clients prefer and employees are proud of.