Brent Daub, Diana Tsudik, Kristi. J. Robles and Thu Anh Do

Brent Daub, Diana Tsudik, Kristi. J. Robles and Thu Anh Do

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Brent Daub and Dan Gilson began this journey wanting to build a defense firm that would change workers' compensation in California for the better. They had seen businesses and insurers leave California due to high premiums and higher reserves. They had seen injured workers stuck in a less than perfect court system that was plagued with abuse and delay on all sides. With the help of some very talented friends, Brent and Dan set out to streamline the defense side of Workers' Compensation litigation in California by moving claims quickly and aggressively through the WC court system.

Gilson Daub was born from humble beginnings in an alley office in San Clemente, but with the energy and dedication of an awesome team of attorneys and support staff they have grown and fostered a culture of honor. With forward thinking, efficiency and innovation, Gilson Daub has gained favor and trust with the best employers, the best insurers, the best brokers and the best TPAs across the U.S.

With the addition of Diana Tsudik, Thu Do and Kristi Robles, Gilson Daub is positioned to remain the firm that clients prefer and employees are proud of. Partners at Gilson Daub provide a shining example of the model standard of professionalism and client-centric devotion to excellence. Diana Tsudik is partner and managing attorney for our West LA office, Thu Do is partner and managing attorney for the San Fernando Valley office and Kristi Robles is partner and managing attorney for the Sacramento office.

Senior Partner and Founding Attorney:  Brent Daub                                                                                                                                          

Partner and Managing Attorney: Diana Tsudik                                                                                                                                         

Partner and Managing Attorney: Thu Do

Partner and Managing Attorney: Kristi J. Robles

Retired Partner and Founding Attorney:  Daniel Gilson