the fruit of our labor is great results.

Gilson Daub makes it easy. With nine offices statewide, we cover every venue in California with experienced local attorneys who know the judges, doctors, and opposing counsel so you can rest assured that your cases are being handled properly.

Even a great attorney can get overwhelmed if a law firm burdens them with high caseloads. Gilson Daub's goal is to keep the caseloads light so attorneys are not overwhelmed with trying to handle too many cases or travel to too many venues. Gilson Daub attorneys spend time getting results, not sitting on the freeway!

Aligning our values with yours, closing files fast and placing your customer service at the top of our practice has earned us the privilege to serve some of the world's largest employers. We believe we have a mandate to change an industry for the better.

Shaping the future and serving the present, we want to be your attorneys.

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