Inland Empire Trial Victory

Gilson Daub Inland Empire attorney Reed Heustis, Jr., obtained a favorable Trial Verdict on January 31, 2018. Applicant claimed industrial injury to the back, and bilateral knees based on a primary treating physician report by Dr. Halbridge. The pretrial demand was $68,000 for Compromise and Release.

Heustis argued that the Panel Qualified Medical Examiner report was better evidence, and took the case to Trial. Judge Wilmon issued a Finding and Award on January 31, 2018, agreeing with the defense and limiting the industrial injuries to the right knee. Heustis indicated that the victory was largely due to the efforts of Gilson Daub attorney Camilla Campbell who was temporarily unavailable to conduct the trial herself.

Heustis believes the Finding and Award reduces the exposure on this case “to the $20K range” and sends a strong message to Applicant Attorneys that overreaching based on weak PTP reports is an empty endeavor in the Inland Empire.