Cut costs


Everyone claims it, but how do we do it?

Are you facing rising litigation costs with your current law firm? Reducing your litigation costs will improve your bottom line. At Gilson Daub, we offer our clients several innovative options to cut costs. Below are a few of those options.

Our company's platform utilizes the premium online technology of CaseFriendTM. This enables us to track the movement and progress of your case and focus on achieving the same goal you desire, bringing your file to favorable closure as soon as possible. The seamless intigration of your files online in a transparent viewable portal allows quick finding of your current file status without numerous phone calls. With easy downloading of relevant documents we help you eliminate mailing costs, and we promote paperless work flow reducing printing and duplication costs.

We also offer Flat-Fee settlement walkthroughs providing quick turnarounds with predictable costs to save you money.

Gilson Daub’s dedicated Lien Unit utilizes attorneys who quickly evaluate the exposure on lien cases and aggressively move your files toward resolution.

Let Gilson Daub become an important partner in your cost-cutting initiative.

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