Conserving your time and resources ...

It is a good idea to look at what your law firm is encouraging their attorneys to do. Time is money. The longer a case stays open, the more money it costs you. Medical treatment costs, administrative costs, and litigation costs rise with every month a file stays open. At Gilson Daub, we recognize that the way to save money is to close files fast. The way to do it is to keep caseloads small and incentivize closures. You only get what you incentivize; therefore insurance companies or TPA's who utilize firms that incentivize billing will find more billing.

Overbilling is the result of a system that rewards attorneys for high monthly billing. Clients concerned about high billing have switched to Gilson Daub. Instead of awarding a bonus for high billing, Gilson Daub attorneys are rewarded for closing files. Our goal is to close more files. Shorter case-lives means lower litigation costs. Gilson Daub bonuses attorneys for what you want. Our clients are choosing closed cases, over high billing.

With our goals aligned to yours, moving the file towards favorable closure, and our use of CaseFriendTM online case management and customer viewing platform, we give you back control of your time. Our transparancy and our value for timely and clear communication allow you to make informed and productive decisions.

Saving your time is one of the many ways we want to earn your trust and serve your litigation needs for a long, long time.

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