Innovation & excellence

Incredible Attorneys, Responsive Staff, Amazing Technology

The Gilson Daub Law Firm, was designed from the beginning to be fast, responsive and cost effective, we are leading the way in forward thinking with offices servicing all WCAB venues in California, Nevada, Arizona, Kansas and Missouri.

Gilson Daub's dependable service includes:

  • Responsive attorneys and staff.

  • An emphasis on staying current with the latest in innovations and technology, including our paperless case management program.

  • Providing transparent accountability, all integrated to quickly move cases toward efficient and economical closure. Individual results may vary, but we find that the Gilson Daub method often results in cases-in-chief closing significantly faster and with better results.

Our Process:

  1. We cut costs by rewarding the Gilson Daub attorneys and staff for cases closed, not for hours billed.

  2. We save time with transparent online communication and proactive case handling.

  3. We get results by providing attorneys with lighter caseloads and by rewarding them for closed cases as well as excellent trial results.

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